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Pressure Grouting

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Hesitate no more!

Pressure grouting is a leakage repair work that does not require any hacking. Injection grouts are hydrophobic liquid polymer resins, such as polyurethane formulations. They react with water present in a crack and substrate, creating a chemical reaction. One of the major challenges that most property owners faces these days are water leakage/seepage in many unforeseen areas. 

Our Expertise

- Fixing of Water Damages in False Ceiling

- Sealing and Waterproofing of Spaces
- Covering and Protecting Cracks on The Surface of Properties

By injection of liquidified cementitous material into void areas such as between particles of soil and cracks, and with the enhancement of grout gel to solidify the treated area, we assist to improve the strength, support and function of applied elements.

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