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Roof Waterproofing

Our Expertise

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Pitch Roof 

If you are experiencing ANY form of leakage problems, contact us now. A leakage will result in unnecessary mould and property damage that might be dangerous for the family. Upon careful inspection, our experienced contractors are more than capable to identify, analyse and solve your leakage problems.  

Metal Roof Waterproofing

Our comprehensive solutions allow us to waterproof various types of roofs permanently, whether it is a new or existing type. We also handle roofs with complicated flashings as well as those with low slopes.

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Torch on

Torch On is one of the most commonly used waterproofing techniques that involves using a blowtorch to melt modified asphalt along with viscous organic liquids onto the designated area.


Able to last for over 20 years due to its properties, they can be applied to decks, balconies and planter boxes. As the membranes are activated by heat, the torch is utilised and it has many advantages over traditional methods. The membranes are joined with the application of heat, allowing the application to cover any shape, size or material.

5 Coat System

The 5 Coat System protect playing surfaces from varying changes in weather. It provides restoration of the texture of any surface and even establish a vibrant and pleasant color to it. This system is typically applied on top of an asphalt flooring system.

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Stop it early. Hesitate
no more!

Here at Handyme, our roof leakage repair doesn’t only involved waterproofing, we also specialise in roof resealing whenever necessary. Stop the leakage early. Contact us now. 

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